1. Milano Ahmed

    Man sues his parents for being born without consent

    Wallahi we live in a fucked up world. A man suing his own parents for them simply bringing him into this world “without consent”. That’s the funny part how could a sperm cell or a fetus even give consent :mjlol:
  2. Milano Ahmed

    Niggas from the hood have a phobia to the color pink 🤣

    It’s self explanatory :mjlol:
  3. Milano Ahmed

    Dr Dre’s wife demands $2 million a month WTF 😱

    She took my boy Dre to the cleaners:snoop::damn:
  4. Milano Ahmed

    This video made me laugh

    The video is self explanatory :mjlol:
  5. Abdisamad

    Post a corny pick up line

    Ok I'll start with some funny moves. 1. Girl my shoes are worn out because I've been chasing you all night in my dream 2. When I look at the moon I see your beautiful face smiling at me 3. Girl they should ban you because your beauty is addictive 4. Girl slow down for a minute, Your booty is...
  6. The Somali Caesar

    I keep getting Spam texts on my phone

    I get these random “alerts” on my phone saying that I “deposited” £1000 to company X and they say if this isn’t correct we need to verify your bank details :mjlol: Or another example my “mobile provider” saying there’s an error in my payment and you guess it they want me to “verify” my bank...
  7. The Somali Caesar

    Nigga gets back at his cheating girlfriend like a boss

    His girl ran back to the streets where she belongs:mjlol::pachah1:
  8. 486th President

    The Funniest Video On The Internet

    Bruh this sh*t is goated fam why is this so accurate he’s a good actor I’ll give him that 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂
  9. Odkac WRLD

    Kanye West causes a xaarstorm on Twitter and pisses on a Grammy.

    Read through the tweets, this is GOAT shiet. :damn: He also uploaded his entire recording contract and doxxed a Forbes executive.
  10. Captain Hoyada

    Too many Abdis kkkkkk

  11. The Somali Caesar

    Donald Trump mimicking funny parody

    Say what you will about Donald Trump politics but you have to admit he’s so different in a funny way :russ:
  12. Strike6times

    whats funniest moment of your life

    I aint made a thread in a minute but let me start. one time I was walking home and I see a local crackhead I was like 13 at this time and he starts saying how he wants to box me so I told him go on but as soon as this guy stands up he falls back and hits his head on the road I couldn't stop...
  13. Strike6times

    whos the funniest person on sspot?

    Who do you think is the funniest on sspot? xaalimos don't count because women are not funny. The funniest nigga to me is @Shmurda :salute:
  14. Odkac WRLD

    Somali Celebrity Lookalikes

    I have noticed that we Somalis have certain facial features that are very unique to us. Same goes for the xabashis as well. Thus it’s pretty rare to find a non-Somali who looks similar to a ethnic Somalian person. Well these people put that to bed. Posts pics of Somalis that look like celebs...
  15. Odkac WRLD

    Funny niggas of SSpot Appreciation Thead

    Bro these 4 niggas+1 nigette have me in stitches whenever they post shoutout them 1) @Jablibax possibly the funniest weirdo nigga on this site this nigga tried to do an over the phone abtirisi to see if I was MJ and posted his actual phone number:russ::mjlol: 2) @Abdi Nur miskinka who is...
  16. Odkac WRLD

    Funniest tweets you’ve ever seen megathread

    We talk about the negative bits of Twitter daily, but let’s shine a light on a different part the gut busting funny part I have a lot more but I found this to Be pretty funny Drop some funny tweets!
  17. Exodus

    Funniest memes ever

    Drop some memes that you think are really funny, here's mine :mjlol::mjlol:
  18. B-is-the-code

    Funny somali MAAHMAAH

    Hello whats gucci sspoters;) If you have some funny somali MAAHMAAH, please drop them here, lets laugh :lolbron: 1. This maahmaah is from MAKI HAJI BANAADIR. He is somali comedian/actor (reer muqdisho) He made a lot of funny maahmaah. But i like this one " in lagu xanto waxaa ka horayso in...
  19. Hodan from HR

    I accidentally committed a heinous killing.

    I killed a spider. :jcoleno: It was coming towards me. I panicked and stepped on it while trying to run across the room. Now I am scared the spider family will come for me.:liberaltears: They will want to avenge their cunug (baby) , eh? :ileycry:
  20. M

    What’s the funniest thing you done this decade?

    Cmon lads let’s hear some funny shit