1. The Somali Caesar

    Wallahi Sultan is the GOAT

    Whoever created Space on Twitter is a fucking genius:pachah1::russ::lolbron::mjlol:
  2. The Somali Caesar

    Women freaks out her man is being nice to her LOL

    Wallahi Women are confusing species. They b*tch about trust and being open with them. The minute you give them that they get paranoid. Make it make sense :mjlol:
  3. The Somali Caesar

    Robo Cop Dog in New York

    Yo This shit don’t even look real. It actually look like some CGI shit, which is scary AF. I bet Some MF would hack them so they can turn against them Opps. Plus can I just say what a waste of taxpayers money :mjlol: :pachah1:
  4. The Somali Caesar

    Only in the UK

    Reer UK hold this L. I can say that now as I no longer live there :mjlol::russ: Man makes his girlfriend his b*tch quite literally These uncivilised species arresting a police officer Two women fighting in the supermarket during Corona lockdown. The security guard just watching from the...
  5. The Somali Caesar

    Cardi B has a weird personality 😂😂

    I’m convinced Cardi B and @Basra are related :jcoleno:
  6. The Somali Caesar

    Father Lion tries to abandon his kids (funny video)

    It’s the I’m only going to buy some milk moment unfortunately for the Daddy Lion that the kids didn’t believe his BS :drakelaugh: :mjlol:
  7. Milano Ahmed

    Stalking Boyfriend confession

    :mjlol: :lolbron: :drakelaugh:
  8. The Somali Caesar

    Belly ATM

    :lolbron: :mjlol: :pachah1:
  9. The Somali Caesar

    When spelling bee goes not to planned

    :mjlol: :pachah1:
  10. The Somali Caesar

    Dad wears short shorts to prove a point to his daughter

    The dad was showing his girl that her cake ain’t nothing to his entire bakery :mjlol:
  11. The Somali Caesar

    No hesitation whatsoever....

    :pachah1: :mjlol:
  12. The Somali Caesar

    Crab amputates it’s own claw

    The crab tried to attack the bird’s baby and it backfired. The bird was like hell no ain’t nobody attack my baby and pecked the shit out of the bird. I have no sympathy for the Crab he knew what he was getting into :mjdontkno: :mjlol: :pachah1:
  13. The Somali Caesar

    Father laughs when son tells him why he got dumped

    :mjlol: :pachah1:
  14. The Somali Caesar

    Little white girl slays the Afrobeat dance

    White kids are becoming more cultured :mjlol:
  15. The Somali Caesar

    Funny cheating bf skit TikTok

    It’s funny because of it’s relatability :russ::mjlol::pachah1:
  16. The Somali Caesar

    Funny cheating bf skit TikTok

    It’s funny because of it’s relatability :russ::mjlol::pachah1:
  17. The Somali Caesar


    Chunkz is a real one :westbrookswag:
  18. The Somali Caesar

    This how I’m gonna be as a dad

    I’m gonna be a cool dad one day Inshallah :banderas:
  19. The Somali Caesar

    Types of Parents at Parent’s Evening

    I can so relate :mjlol: :pachah1:
  20. The Somali Caesar

    Girl talks about her “traumatic” experience with losing her V-Card

    The guy did her dirty and scarred her for life :mjlol: :pachah1: