1. Helios

    NEWS Awareness Campaign to end FGM kicks off in Jigjiga

    We need more Sheikhs to come out and schools to educate against this vile practice
  2. The alchemist

    FGM Outlawed in Sudan

  3. Hybrid()

    Do you feel sad

    About the fact almost all the women born before 2000 have had their vaginas mutilated and stitched up. The fact that they can never achieve an orgasm for eternity. A chauvinist dude from Norway was telling me the other day that he’s about to divorce a local chick he recently married because he...
  4. S

    Should Somali mother be jailed for circumcising her daughter? Switzerland says yes in first case

    This disgusting practice will first stop when mother's do not get to exact the same trauma on their girl. I said jail them and give the children to families that won't abuse them :fittytousand: Source: https://www.thelocal.ch/20180716/so...itzerland-for-genital-mutilation-of-daughters
  5. A


    f*ck THE MOTHERS AND FATHERS THAT PERSIST WITH THESE DANGEROUS SO CALLED FUCKING TRADITION. https://amp.theguardian.com/global-development/2018/jul/20/10-year-old-girl-death-fgm-female-genital-mutilation-somalia AUN.
  6. chosen one

    WTF? British FGM campaigner Nimco Ali calls famous somali poet prisoner a ""

    waa yaab. wtf is wrong with these landers :heh:
  7. DRACO

    Somaliland bans FGM officially!

    BREAKING: Somalilland religious affairs ministry issues fatwa banning FGM (pharaoh) circumcision, says victims will be eligible for compensation; violators to face punishment. Fatwa issued to mark the international day of zero tolerance for FGM, activists applaud move: @voasomali Well done to...
  8. A

    Why should Somalis follow Islam?

    It is a foreign arab imperialism that controls even the tiniest details of your life. Why should I walk in the bathroom with my left foot, what difference does it make? Are the jinns gonna eat me in there regardless of what foot I walk in? I am gonna burn in hell for eternity for not kissing the...
  9. O

    (theory) FGM figures in the UK/West are suspect

    Synopsis: https://www.somalispot.com/threads/fgm-down-75-on-girls-in-sl-pl.22993/ Ok guys, I'm sure some of you heard/read stories about X number of girls/women who are at risk/subjected to FGM in the UK and I was initially suspicious of the quoted figures untill i came across the above...
  10. O

    SOMALIA FGM down 75% on girls in SL/PL

    FGM is down by over 70% in Northern Somalia (Somaliland and Puntland). This survey was conducted in over nine thousand households which is by far the largest survey since post civil-war and really calls into question the FGM attainment rate of the Somali diaspora in the West since they...