1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Do You All Believe In Theistic Evolution?

    This is where I'm at. I'm at the point where Science and Religion can both play a part in our story. Science explains the mechanics on how we got here.
  2. S

    So how many of you believe in the theory of evolution?

    The Quran and evolution The Quran makes no explicit statements as to the existence of evolution nor does it outright deny it. However most scholars interpret the story of Adam and Eve in such way, that they were created trough a miracle and not as a part of evolutionary succession...
  3. Sakandari

    Why do we share 99% of DNA with apes?

    Claim: Human DNA is 99 percent similar to chimpanzee DNA, so, they have common ancestor. What you need to know: 1- The claim itself is a logical fallacy (Jumping to conclusion) (Fallacy of Reification) as well as being inaccurate, read below. 2- Genetic information in all living creatures is...
  4. Naissur

    To all the creationists masquerading as science experts, hatu burhanakum

    Most (if not all) of the vocal creationists on this website pretend to have scientific knowledge of various sorts and levels. The most preposterous of these claims constantly come from the flat-earth creationist in chief @Inquisitive_. So he has read 'heaps of books' on subjects like quantum...
  5. M

    Do you accept the theory of evolution?

    Animals and plants evolved over millions of years from simple organisms into more complex organisms. Yes or no.