1. DRACO

    SL: lasanod academy

    Friday at 1:52 AM New #1 The Lasanod Academy, Driving Excellence in Education The compound houses: 1. Administrative Building 2. A day primary school for 300 students 3. Two boarding secondary schools for 600 students (one all girls and one all boys) each with their own Dormitories...
  2. Silky

    A Final Solution to the GREATER SOMALIA Question

    Hello guys I have a proposal (i dont know if its original or whatever) and I'd like you to tell me what the problems with it are. As a solution to the greater Somalia question I propose a... SOMALI UNION - a EU style political and economic union with a single market, customs union, borderless...
  3. DRACO

    The Role of China in the Fate of Somalia

    First Paragraph : The current events in Somalia cause even greater concern. Against the background of the severe economic situation and the military confrontation of the many groups, having divided the country into the spheres of influence throughout the decades of the civil war, a new threat...
  4. Madaxkuti

    Yute goes to Mogadishu and vlogs his experience

    And you have to cut your hair short when your in xamar ??!! :faysalwtf: Also why are all the homes run down where are the villas and stuff diaspora build? I wouldn't mind going there (got family doing business there) but things have to change
  5. Madaxkuti

    Vlog's and pics of my trip to SL Hargeisa-Borama-Burco-Berbera and the tuulos in between

    I'll be posting pretty much most of my trip here starting tonight with a little trailer showcasing what's to come
  6. Madaxkuti

    Somali cities growth from 1984 to present

    Mogadishu Hargeysa Bosaso Garowe Burco Kismaayo
  7. Prince Abubu

    Take Note

    This is what it looks like when a major economic partner invests in your port. Not the shitty chump-change thrown our way by dhegcas. Gwadar bright future for Pakistan and in 2020 will be the developed city Pakistan is the beginning of a new journey of development. The China Economic...