1. Manafesto

    Somaliland minority MP Barkhad Batun informs SL lawmakers that they are constantly intimidated by SL plain clothed officers and face threats

    Somaliland lawmakers intimidated allegedly by plain clothed officers
  2. Manafesto

    OPINION Debunking the Myth “Democracy” In Somaliland(Informative Article)

  3. Manafesto

    How did Somaliland end up with zero female MPs?

    How did Somaliland end up with zero female MPs? January 12, 2022 0 Voters queue outside a polling station in the Somaliland 2021 elections. Credit: Somaliland International Election Observation Mission 2021. BY CONRAD HEINE Over 30 years since declaring independence from Somalia in 1991, the...
  4. 486th President

    OPINION Should Somalia Abstain Democracy

    I always had this mindset where democracy solves all problems but with certain countries it just wouldn’t do much good I doubt democracy would be able to defeat those low life Al Shabab members that are able to walk outside with no problem we need a leader who is strict and is ready to put the...
  5. The Somali Caesar

    Video on Democracy (Thought Provoking video)

    I never thought about Democracy as a bad thing. But then I saw this video below about Socrates an Ancient Greek Philosopher and it kinda open my eyes to some of the flaws of Democracy.
  6. Thegoodshepherd

    ANALYSIS Somali population growth in Kenya

    The Somali population in Kenya is experiencing a boom unlike anything I have seen. According to the 2019 census the number of Kenyans ages 0-14 was 9.208 million. The number of Kenyans ages 0-14 in North Eastern was 1.388 million. This means that 15% of all Kenyans ages 0-14 are Somali. Somalis...

    Why Socrates Hated Democracy

    Forever my favourite video on the internet. I’ve always been an avid critic of democracy but it’s hard to voice my opinion in a country that glorifies and romanticises democracy. In short, democracy is rule by the mob, who believe that voting is their right instead of a responsibility and...
  8. Thegoodshepherd

    ANALYSIS Interesting paper comparing PL and SL's systems

    A fairly short paper that describes the dynamics faced by both states and the role that the quest for recognition, or lack thereof, plays in creating "national" cohesion. Pages 15, 16 and 17 describe very well the problem that Puntland's political elite have been struggling with for the past 20...
  9. DRACO

    Freedom house 2018- somaliland/somalia

    Somaliland * Profile FREEDOM STATUS: PARTLY FREE Freedom in the World Scores 4.5/7Freedom Rating 4/7Political Rights 5/7Civil Liberties (1=Most Free, 7=Least Free) Aggregate Score: 44/100 (0=Least Free, 100=Most Free) Quick Facts
  10. hindhisle

    Democracy and Islam

    Democracy has long been a western concept of governing a sociaty where the majority decides. It has been described as the best way to govern by many observers, westen and non-western. I, myself, don care about it so long as i have indivual and economical liberty. The question is, is democracy...
  11. SultanuuFicaan

    Africa's First Democrats: Somalia's Aden A. Osman and Abdirazak H. Hussen

    By Abdi Ismaciil Samaatar. "Abdi Ismail Samatar provides a clear and foundational history of Somalia at the dawn of the country s independence when Africa s first democrats appeared. While many African countries were dominated by authoritarian rulers when they entered the postcolonial era and...
  12. murtadina

    Marxist Leninist Somalia VS Federal Republic Somalia

    Somalia was a Marxist-Leninist government under Siad Barre, and he bought unprecedented change in the course of three decades (which is unusual for any African country). I remember vaguely reading that it was referred to as the 'Switzerland of Africa' at one point. Do any of you believe that...