1. senor chang

    Chinese people eat this

  2. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    Indhoyar be learning Somali!!

    Indhoyar learning Af-Soomaali in Hargeysa.. what they up to? Probably Chinese state sponsored gaagaab but Eebbe knows why??
  3. Milano Ahmed

    Corrupt as f*ck....

    My guy Lai Xiaomin was a corrupt as f*ck Chinese official but my guy was living his best life. He had $250 million bribe money stashed in his house plus he had 100 mistress:diddyass::ahh: I just heard my guy just got the death penalty :cosbyhmm:but I’m like the dude is 60 years old. Anything...
  4. K

    Police tells Chinese restaurant to evacuate after the terrorist attack in Streatham

    The lady working there tells the police to give her half an hour. Wallahi, you guys were right. These Chinese have 0 empathy. They are just robots, they don't give a shit about nothing. :gucciwhat: Look at the top reply :wow:
  5. The alchemist

    Chinese Shitting in Public

  6. The alchemist

    Strawberry generation

    Interesting read. "Strawberry generation is a Chinese-language neologism for Taiwanese people born in 1982 and beyond who "bruise easily" like strawberries – meaning they cannot withstand social pressure or work hard like their parents' generation; the term refers to people who are...
  7. A

    Paradise papers

    Who are all these Chinese and white people with offshore companies linked to Somalia
  8. A

    Easiest ways you have made money?

    I used to sell baby formula and other baby products with a Chinese classmate to her family and friends back home Due to tainted formula and no faith in the sector, Chinese people buy most of their baby products abroad and this is a huge market. I used to make £4500 a week profit before she...
  9. SultanuuFicaan

    Ming Dynasty artefacts unearthed from Xamar