1. angelplan

    Decoded: Canada's Somalia Affair

    A scandal in Somalia caused the disbandment of a military regiment thousands of kilometres away in Canada. More than two decades later, the maple leaf military still hasn’t recovered.
  2. 486th President

    BREAKING NEWS 15yr old Somali kid shoots 4 people

    This kid ran up into an AirBnb broad daylight and shot 4 guys killing one of them. The guy he killed was a rapper that actually did decent numbers in the underground canada rap scene heres one of his videos. “Five months after 18 year-old Manyok Akol, also known as rapper “FTG Metro”, was...
  3. Helios

    Leading Salah High??

    The blatant slander audhubillah this girl has Toronto in her bio and is shitting on all of us for twitter clout 1. Why is she around people who drink lean 2. How would someone high off codeine (lean) manage to lead salah :holeup::umwhat:
  4. Odkac WRLD

    Meet the new Somali Ambassador to Canada!

    He is from Borama, so it can be assumed he is Samaroon. A graduate from Amoud University and former Vice Minister of Health in the Somaliland government, Hassan Dhimbil will be serving as the Somali Ambassador to Canada. Canada vowed to restore strong diplomatic ties with Somalia in the form...
  5. Helios

    Xalimo Gets Into Prestigious Canadian Medical School

    Mashallah :rejoice:
  6. C-Town

    where does this hate against reer uk come from?

    i have been on this shit for a day now and have seen alot of uk hate wagwan
  7. Genesis

    Somali wedding gets shot up in Canada!!

    I've never heard of a wedding ever being shot up before, these guys are crazy :mindblown: Our resident Canadians @Shmurda @The Good, can you explain what has happened here?
  8. Helios


    I just went out to open the mail box and I crossed the street and I just wasn't paying attention, Unfortunately for me I bumped into a middle aged Chinese guy who also wasn't paying attention. After we crossed paths he started coughing and it didn't sound too good. I hope for my sake this guy...
  9. Cilmi-doon

    Canada to stop providing security for Harry and Meghan

    Canada will not provide security for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex once they step down as senior royals next month, the Canadian federal government has confirmed. The Royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) have been providing protection on an intermittent basis since Harry and Meghan moved to a...
  10. Odkac WRLD

    Reer Canada in dire need of self defense classes

    look at this mans form...why is he so skinny.....why does the floor look like actual shit...what am I witnessing :drakelaugh: so many questions... so little answers and before I hear it yes this man is Somali accept the L :dead1: when I say go to the gym and lift this exactly what I...
  11. Odkac WRLD

    Edmonton malis come in...

    The hell wrong with y’all :gucciwhat: first the dude with 50k bounty, then the kid who died from freezing, and now awoowe moving weight:ileycry: brb moving to Alberta :silanyolaugh: any Edmontonians here??
  12. Persona Non Grata

    Low IQ Farmaajo meets with Canada’s first Black/Arab Prime Minister!!!

  13. Helios

    I can't speak Somali

    As you can read in the title of this thread I am completely incapable of speaking Af Somali. I understand a few words but my parents who were both fluent in English by the time I was born never really taught me. I live in a white neighborhood in Canada at least an hour away from relatives (also...
  14. CaliTedesse

    Why are the Somali communities booming in Canada and USA

    I mean they have many shops and malls and businesses etc. Yet those UK rats have lived there for a century and are still at phase 1, the start almost nothing has changed for these bimbos, of course you have some exceptions. I blame the welfare.
  15. CaliTedesse

    Rahaf the Spoiled Brat from Saudi Arabia exposed

    :ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa: Now the Canadian taxpayers are gonna keep her warm and spoiled. New this qumayo was only in it for the trill
  16. Cazzo

    Two Different Kinds of Stupid

    Western vs. African parliament. Choose your fighter.
  17. CaliTedesse

    Putin totally ignores giving Canada and Morocco a hand

  18. AarHawd_7

    Canadian Anjabis using Somali words.

    At 1:00 I got my mad malis with me and they in tha cut And they got no heart nigga they dont give a f*ck They walk up on you and let that semi buss Ayyyy :damnmusic::damnmusic: 2:18 Goo OT selling cuntoo selling geeedoooo @Gucci mane @Factz @Pureblood waryaadaheeen ma madowgii ayaad...
  19. Cumar

    Somalis with criminal records coming to Canada from US, intelligence report warns
  20. Grigori Rasputin

    Another day, another Somali funeral: Somali deaths in Toronto

    Too many hooyo crying, too many.