1. The Somali Caesar

    NEWS British Home Secretary says BLM protests are dreadful

    I have a new found of respect for Pritti Patel I can’t lie. She basically said in a polite way f*ck BLM protests and she disagrees with taking a knee for a deceased felon :sass2:
  2. The Somali Caesar

    Unpopular Opinion on Slavery and Victim Mentality

    The Word Slave comes from the word Slavs who are White Eastern Europeans who got enslaved by the Romans,Vikings,Ummayads,Turks etc. They were enslaved for many,many centuries where they got subjugated,violated and raped but you’ll never see a Russian bïtching about it now in big 2020. The...
  3. abdullah233

    Sspot general section since COVID lockdown

    Akh right alt cacusian movement Gender wars Blm threads and faygate Rer Sweden vs uk And now tiktok threads
  4. Invader

    Slave Trader Statue in Bristol toppled

    The Slave Trader who spent all his earnings developing Bristol. La howla Riots are going to come.:tocry: Cadaans,Madows,Sudanese,Somalis,Kurds,Arabs,Persians in union stripped it down. Big up my city Brizzle doin this. Our diverse and liberal shall strive forever.
  5. kickz

    Twitter Xalimo calls for Somali lady’s store to be burned down

    After her anti BLM rant
  6. Prettymuslim94

    Store owner who called cops on George floyd

  7. Cartman

    War Minnesota Mali’s soo gaal

    All these niggas posting threads trying to get a platinum out of us, this is for the real Minnesota niggas. :birdman: @Liltop @Louis Vuitton Don @anynone else Minnesota I guess
  8. Awdalia Rising

    Federal Law Enforcement Informant Turns into Serial Killer

    Despite 7-9 parole violations the Feds intervened to keep this guy on the streets and out of prison because he was an informant despite only giving the Feds 1 tip that turned out to be not credible, then he goes on killing spree taking 6 lives. Detroit Police/ ATF taking heat, they say mix up...

    BLM xalimo thinks we colonized Somalia (from 02.15.19)

    BLM has crossed the line Just look at her sksksksk
  10. CaliTedesse

    Somali girl beaten in Nigeria

    What made her go all the way there
  11. Ramen

    What has BLM done to xalimos?

    The hell did blm do to xalimos? im actually concerned. These girls are worrying over people who get shot dead by the police but ignore the fact that their people are out there starving and dying. My blm classmate is obsessed with that blm bullshit and i always mindfuck her with hard questions...
  12. CanIDimo

    Is anyone here a pan Africanist ??

    i have discovered this cult called pan africanism in the last two month through this guy called umar johnson that my Caribbean friend recommended to me when he quoted him in discussion we had in uni about the dark Continent :gaasdrink: i had a look at a lot of his videos so far all i know about...
  13. Abkaal

    17 Year old Xaliimo cries for BLM!!!

    Watch this 17 year old give a blistering spoken word performance at SLC :lolbron:
  14. Xooshdheere

    What's with xalimos and SJW?

    Imagine explaining to your awoowe that Somali girls in the West would be calling you a racist for saying Somalis are a distinct ethnic group. They are brainwashed by the media. They are fast to call you out being racist or anti blackness for not identifying black. This is just absurd. This can...
  15. Someone


    He retweeted this Waa waali :dead::dead: