1. GAZA

    NEWS Ugandan Army Defeats Al shabab

    AUN all 185 of them inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un How did they manage this? Some say it was a airstrike and others say it was drones
  2. Risotto

    Al-Shabaab kills several people in Central Somalia

  3. Risotto

    Two Somali police officers were killed and three other civilians

  4. Risotto

    Elite Hotel Owner stands up against Al-Shabaab

  5. Risotto

    Al-Shabaab burns truck carrying goods in Lower Shabelle

  6. tyrannicalmanager

    somalia has become more dangerous under N&N regime

    for longtime we had N&N propagandist telling about the progress that N&N made in security, now we know it was nothing but a big fat lie.
  7. tyrannicalmanager

    jubbaland forces bust al-shabaab assassination network

    jl admin saving lives from al-Khawarij one step at a time:qri8gs7:
  8. tyrannicalmanager

    al-shabaab giving welfare to the poor in mogadishu

    do you see how happy this oday is after receiving his fair share.
  9. N

    Hundreds of Ethiopian troopers to enter Somalia

    After 30 got killed by Al Shabaab. Expect more "revenge" killings targeting innocent Somali civilians.
  10. Xooshdheere

    Neighbouring countries are depended on Somalia

    even Kenya benefits from Somalia's conflict everyone benefits from Somalia, and want it to remain in conflict.
  11. DrippinglyWet

    BREAKING: AlShabaab releases new video message from Kenya PoW, David Ngui Wataari. He was capture

    Why always kenyan, catch some ethiopian for variaty
  12. S

    BREAKING: Al-Shabab says it's General Command will make a statement "soon".

    I think they reiterate their opposition to Farmaajo using his inauguration as the excuse :ivers: Last time the bombings happend shortly after their message:wow1: Let's see where this takes us, reports are it relates to aid delivery
  13. abdale

    Same shit every time

    Every time the media shows Al-shabab why does it have to be the same picture since 2010 and i am like only 30 of Somali united soldiers could defeat them unlike Umisom having thousands greedy soldiers with equipments all i think is some gay party going on or they are fighting with ghosts
  14. Duchess

    Brain science & why young, non-religious, Somali Americans join ISIS

    Can brain science tell us more than the Quran about why young, non-religious Somali Americans would want to kill and die in Syria for ISIS? What do Tylenol, schoolyard bullies, chocolate and our self-image have to do with young Somali-Americans from Minnesota ending up in Syria fighting for...