1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    The African History Event Was Headed By A White Librarian

    Who didn't know too much about Western and Southern African History, but it was a good event. We made Nok figures out of clay and had Plantain and Hanassas sauce with bread.
  2. JackieBurkhart

    GENETICS The Origin of the Sudanese 'Africans'

    I've been curious about how many Sudanese define themselves as Arabs when many look no different to other Africans and fairly dark as well. (Not unexpected). I know obviously it's possible they've been Arabized, similarly to the North Africans, but they also have many indigenous languages...
  3. JudgeJoeGorilla

    What Are Your Favorite Cities Within Africa?

    I like Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Nairobi, Kenya. Kigali, Rwanda. Accra, Ghana. Johannesburg, South Africa. Lagos, Nigeria. Kinshasa, DRC is cool too. So, which African cities do you like and why?
  4. alien


    I'm posting photos of ethnic Africans and people of the African diaspora. This will include photos of people of ethnic African descent. NORTHERN AMAZIGH - Inhabiting the northern Tamazgha region, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya. They are naturally Lighter skinned because close proximity to...
  5. Milano Ahmed

    African writer claps back to racist question by a French journalist

    “Do they read books in Nigeria” :dead: It’s not even subtle racism. You can tell how low she thinks of Nigerians and Africans in general by her question she probably thinks Africans are still primitive :mjlol:
  6. The Somali Caesar

    african man tries taking back ‘stolen’ artifacts from french museum

    France the country that prides themselves as a country of “democracy” and of “Freedom Of Speech” well just as long it’s not used against them. The irony is unreal :mjlol:
  7. Risotto

    Chinese phones with built-in malware sold in Africa

  8. Cilmi-doon

    The continental African passport promised to roll out in 2020 can only improve mobility in Africa

    It’s still up in the air whether the African Union can keep its promise to deliver a continental passport by the end of the year. The travel document would allow visa-free travel between the Union’s 55 member countries. The potential economic impact is huge. Recently-released data show that...
  9. CaliTedesse

    What makes one native to Africa

    What makes one native to Africa? How many years of living in Africa. I say this because recently I watched a video of West African male saying Ethiopians ( and other horners are from Asia and North Africans etc. I get flashbacks of how I would react had this been several years ago. I...
  10. tyrannicalmanager

    old insightful video about apartheid south africa

  11. CaliTedesse

    South African Hebrews

    Thank you @Inquisitive_ for your wonderful research. Your old thread on this topic was interesting. Do you mind doing a 2.0 version? This is for all doubting our Sub Saharan brothers of being real Jews. Old thread...
  12. CaliTedesse

    The BEAUTY of the ARABIC script perserving Afro-American history

    When few enslaved people in the United States could write, one man wrote his memoir in Arabic Wallahi reading this was so beautiful...
  13. Mercury

    People who could pass as Somali

    These guys Always looked Somali to me Eddie griffin Louis Williams NBA Karl malone NBA
  14. CaliTedesse

    AFRICAN INTELLIGENCE: Ethiopia and Eritrea will replace AMISOM forces.,108337477-bre
  15. Yungmulababy23

    African men can't control themselves when it comes to women

    African men are the most thirsty men on earth, they try to flirt with every women in sight. Years ago I worked at this store with these african negros, they were all atleast 30+ maybe 40 and they were flirting with every women, it was painful to watch especially when these idiots would try to...
  16. L

    Hilarious - Nigerians asked about Somali's

    :deadpeter::deadpeter: Nigerians are the funniest people on earth (after us of course).
  17. Zach

    Arab, African or Arab-African?

    So i found this video, i don't know if thread about this was alredy made.
  18. Elijah Muhammed

    African Videos

    2:36 :deadosama:
  19. N

    Naago afrikaan oo slave laga dhigay in Hindi movie

    Black women are portrayed as slaves in this Hindi movie. :gucciwhat::farmajoyaab: And in this clip, naagihii raped the hindi guys. And they want xaalmareen :russ:
  20. Prince Abubu

    Why do Highland Cushites looks so different from the rest?

    They looks straight up Papuan and southern African bantus.:kanyehmm: Weirdly, they would cluster genetically closer to Habesha than Somalis/Oromo/Afar. Here are some examples of people called Burji, they're related to Sidamas.