Brussels Conference Act of 1890: Created to FORBID the sale of WEAPONS to AFRICANS


Raw Hard Truth

I quote British colonial record
Colonel SEELY
Such arrangements as are possible have been made for the issue of arms and ammunition to the friendly natives, with a view to enabling them to provide for their defence.
Am I to understand that the Government is preparing to abrogate the Brussels Convention which prohibits the supplying of arms to natives in Africa?
Countries that agreed to not selling weapons to Africa

The main reason of this colonial law was to prevent Africans from getting access to modern day weaponry of the age. Don't be fooled by the false "anti slavery" narrative they tried to weave into this act. The act of colonialism was slavery within itself, and was merely a vocabulary change.

The act itself stated:
  • Such "good government" measures also included increased security on the roads and the prohibition of the importation of firearms and munitions into territories where slave trading was practiced.:
Yet they classified every single port town/city as a slave trading hub :ulyin:, thus having a fake legal basis to prohibit weapons being sold to Africans.. unless they were cooning!

The true nature of this law was to prohibit Africans from having sophisticated weaponry.

The more you know.


Make Hobyo Great Again
They gave weapons to Ethiopia because they were Christian. It's how they conquered Somali Galbeed. We were able to get guns too but not nearly as many.