Your trapped in a room with a Neanderthal and a Gorilla and you win 10 billion dollars for being the last in the room what you finna do 🦍

What would be the outcome for you 🥶

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I could defeat the Neanderthal since those niggas are hella short but, a massive but, I know my ass finna be best like there is no tomorrow when that gorilla gets up so what would y’all even do first




Forza Somalia!
neanderthals are like 1,6-1,7 m never to mention their huge buff body, you may be 10 cm taller, no win game.
@tyrannicalmanager @Revolutionary. @BetterDaysAhead it seems y’all need a biology lesson

A full grown gorilla could have killed them without trying fam gorillas could lift 2,500kg Neanderthals were strong they could probably lift 400 they were physically very strong but... no where near a gorilla...... 💀 they would have been able to fight a child or maybe even an adolescent gorilla could kill a human Neanderthals were strong just not as strong as a gorilla…. Learn some common sense 😡