1. 486th President

    Your trapped in a room with a Neanderthal and a Gorilla and you win 10 billion dollars for being the last in the room what you finna do 🦍

    I could defeat the Neanderthal since those niggas are hella short but, a massive but, I know my ass finna be best like there is no tomorrow when that gorilla gets up so what would y’all even do first
  2. The alchemist

    GENETICS Neanderthal DNA Found in Africans

    Here is the link: tl;dr They've inferred that an early European-related back migration after the Asian split introduced Human/Neanderthal hybridization into the African gene pool. The researchers have based this method on a combination...
  3. The alchemist

    100000-year-old neanderthal tooth found in Serbia