You wake up and Donald Trump is sitting on a chair right next to you what do you do


Like Donald Trump, I like to be Spanked.
Let Them Eat Cake
Ask him to describe socialism

Me: Mr. President. What is Socialism?

Trump: Good question. Its gonna make my heard hurt, but i will try.

Me: Clap hands in anticipations

Trump: Socialism is when liberals force me and all the white people share our money to the sh@t holes people in america, and the shi!t holes in Africa. NO FCKING WAY!

Me: grabbing my fork with intentions.

486th President

Is it really love
Fancy home. Chandeliers, fine dining table, boundless candles and lights.

Me: Mr. Trump, Thank you for inviting me to your beautiful home.

Trump: Thank you for being my # 1 fan. I have heard about YOU. You crack me up.

Me: Blushes.

Trump: SO what do you like to do for fun?

Me: Blushes.

Trump: Come on, Speak now. You know i don't have a lot of time. I am the President of the United states. I need to go back to watch my recorded cable shows, and see who has been dissing me, so i can attack back.

Me: Blushes and stares at Mr. Trumps small hands.

Trump: You like em'? They are huge, right?

Me: Fciking NO madafker! They remind me of my grand son hands, Hassan elmi Dheeq Iskoroonyo
@Basra what is this i here you like to be spanked fam?


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