You guys tried khat?

Have you tried khat?

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I have been tempted numerous times to chew for fun but couldn't get myself to do it. Who here has tried it/still chews and what is it like? Is it like a weed buzz or a cocaine high? Also does it increase/decrease sex drive?
I was told it wasn't addictive at all, it's like chewing grass for banter. It can be compared to drinking 'coffee'/ 'tea'.

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When I would go to baadiye during the summer, I used to chew it with my uncles between the age of 11-13. It has a bitter taste and that's it. It doesn't even have more stimulant properties than caffeine. It's just highly addictive
@Bidaar Wanagsan How often do you chew?
I used to buy a bundle after salaatul jumuca and settle down with a few pious sisters to masticate and make thikr. It helps awaken your spirituality. I hear people call it a drug, but mainly this is Westernised xaliimos with an axe to grind against their deadbeat husbands. The noble leaf has mystical properties and should be used only after the end of a business day.

My last GF cut my rations down to twice a month because my cheeks were bloated as Pamela Anderson's upper torso every week, but every true bloatcheek keeps a stash hidden in the garden. Good camouflage.
When I was little back in Somalia I took some and tried it. Does that count? It was a big mission for me so I still remember.
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