Xalimos: would you rather have the player husband or the "Mr. Nice" type of Husband?

Which one would you rather be married to?

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Which one would u rather be married to?

The player type.

Pros: He's fun, outgoing, adventurous, knows how to carry conversation, can be funny and will u laugh. Good in the bedroom. Goes down on u.

Cons: he's more likely to cheat on you once u pass ur prime (mid 30s) or after u become pregnant. More likely to seek new pussy and knows he how to play mind games and talk his way of out arguments


Let's move to the Mr Nice type.

Pros: he's loyal, consistent, pays the bills, buy u flowers, says nice things, won't cheat on u. Will pay 20k in meher. Educated. Doesn't argue with u. Says yes to everything.

Cons: he's boring, doesn't know how to carry consversation, quiet, nerdy type, a bit social awkward.
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Move on brah. This is new thread
Qashin thread. All these topics have been discussed millennia ago. :mjlol:


If I had to choose one...Mr. Nice, obviously.
Why the F would anyone want a player for a husband??? That is hell waiting to happen.

Realistically though: neither. Both options are crappy.

Edit: Hasn't this same exact question been asked before on here?? I'm pretty sure I've seen it previously...
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