Xalimos: would you rather have the player husband or the "Mr. Nice" type of Husband?

Which one would you rather be married to?

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Cons: he's more likely to cheat on you once u pass ur prime (mid 30s) or after u become pregnant. More likely to seek new pussy and knows he how to play mind games and talk his way of out arguments
I tend to weigh the cons more than the pros and this would completely disgust me. I'm really not picky but my only goal in marriage is to not divorce. I have to find a husband that has a strong personality, not going to give up when shit gets hard. The player husband is a liability fr definitely not reliable like the mr.nice husband. Also nobodies boring, maybe you have to do extra to make them not socially awkward but I'd rather chose a shy guy over a sneaky one.


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Neither wasn't an option. :cosbyhmm:

Nice is code for doormat. Bad means walking brothel.

Obviously, the nice one is the better choice. But he needs some bissbass..:denzelnigga:

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Yo fuckboi! get a life mate. fix up and xalimos will give you a chance maybe.

still couldnt wrap my head around why would you post a womens pic and air out her business.


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NiceGuys™ are definitely not much better

Go on Reddit NiceGuys subreddit see how bad NiceGuys can get


Must "Mr. Nice guy" be boring, opinionless and not know how to carry a coversation?


If you watch them closely, most men who self-classify as 'nice guys' are NOT. Actual nice people are almost oblivious to their character, bc it's just who they are. They're the ones other people call nice and upstanding, and you'll notice there's a huge difference between them and self-proclaimed 'nice guys'.


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He's fun, outgoing, adventurous, knows how to carry conversation, can be funny and will u laugh. Good in the bedroom. Goes down on u.
he's loyal, consistent, pays the bills, buy u flowers, says nice things, won't cheat on u. Will pay 20k in meher. Educated. Doesn't argue with u..
pretty what all girls would kill for , however rare like a unicorn in the Somali community :hillarybiz:
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