Xalimos, what do you expect from us Farahs?


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Case in point, another eedo who stops and points at couples :damedamn:

Leave me be to hold my wife's hand in public you fiend, I didn't marry her to walk like we're best boys:drakekidding:
:camby:Out of here with that nonsense. Don't eedo me, if we look the same age. :ftw9nwa:

Why are you lot shocked by my conservativeness? :(
Finding someone rich and handsome is unlikely. And even if they do find that, there's a 90% chance he'll cheat cuz hes has the upper hand in the relationship.

Even if hes rich and ugly, he still has the upper hand. Once he gets tired of smashing same pussy, he will find another one.


Steel Magnolia
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:sass2: Not all men are created equally. Having money increases your access to a wider pool of women. It does not imply you are motivated by your we-we (not French). Nor does wealth lead to infidelity. In the west, being wealthy means you have a lot to lose in a divorce.

:trumpsmirk:You will definitely experience a financial hit, so it's not worth the trouble of paying alimony, child support and losing assets. On top of co-parenting, dealing with a disgruntled ex-wife and children.
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I dare u to show yourself.
Tbh Xalimos really need to do something about their weight. Wallahi it’s sad seeing a Xalimo whose in her twenties carrying all that Baruur in her ass and calool.