Xalimo's criticisms of SJWs


Could be hun. But this particular brand of commentary is very common amongst bitter sspot/twitter faraxs.
true only those jobless lordosis infested ingrains would say something like that and only an equally retardet negroid would respond the way those sumalians did i mean how do u live in a prosperous part of the world and all u do is think about those that don't effect u how do u even know that these supposed lgrehdbe aren't trolling u and even if they are real they make such a small part of the total population that u have a better chance of winning the lotto then meeting one of them wallahi i feel for their parents they escaped death watched their whole country fall apart only to witness their ungreatfull kids squander away the opportunity to make something of themself on beefing on the internett pretending to be a different gender in order to get some brownie points


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