Xalimo's criticisms of SJWs


Taxation is theft
Dear God, I remember my SJW rebel against traditional values. Now, I’m seeing how toxic western values are and caping for ajnabis will lead to depression. These blm xalimo are seriously depressed. I felt I self loathing about my culture for the guilt of my ancestors ( Yes, even my maadow side) owning/selling slaves and being privileged. I want to compare to how Son Goku denied his Saiyan heritage due him believing them to be just bloodthirsty conquers .


I drive Truck
You are all the same to me , you low iq idiot. Worry about Amisomalia, low effort troll. Only a savage will wish a peaceful country to collapse.
If you’re country is so peaceful and prosperous and we are “savages” go join you’re Aidstopia forum. Either You r mentally ill You Have to be the female version @Molotoff.

@Grigori Rasputin said it best why would anybody join a failed states forum when you are not Somali. You must be the bottom of the barrel in you’re own community. A langaab if you’re own midget people. :mjlol: