Xalimo Married to a South Sudan Dinka

She better not complain when her babies turn out ugly :susp:

Edit: saw the kids and now im hella confused, how are those kids light skin??? Did she have them before??? They look hella Somali
her kids already got the somali genes(Dinka genes might be reccesive) and will probably be extremely tall, now if it was a short idhoyar:susp: god pray for that son
Half indoyars look pretty good, wayy better than half maadow sorry . . . Idk why yall are supporting this?


Eel eh?
I can buy that some groups of Somalis are more mixed with other tribes than others.

But I don’t buy that mouth-breathing changed the looks of some of these people you see. And nutritionally, we haven’t changed our diets unless I’m missing something. And if it is diet, why would it only affect some and not others?
? Clutching at straws


No dictator can imprison a population forever.
Allah the creator had to come in and save the kids by making the look like there mother. There is a s God.

Team as long as he is Muslim needs to hold this L
So y'all still pretending you don't care about her qabiil?

On behalf of all the madaxkusafars and jilbawarans in this forum, we pass.