Xalimo Married to a South Sudan Dinka


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I’m sorry that’s funny, and doesn’t make sense. One person started doing it and others followed suit? :ftw9nwa:

Why don’t we all have that problem if it’s diet related? Why don’t others have it? Most of the world is now on processed sugar.

I’m sorry, none of this makes sense, Soph.
It's multi-factorial, mon amie. Think of it this way.

-If a dude breathed from his mouth all his life even while sleeping.
-If he only chewed on one side of his mouth.
- If he consumed mostly processed foods that were soft in texture, rather than harder foods (to chew on which are less processed)
- Ate plenty of sugar.
- Never had braces.

Would we get a Fabio jaw?

Methinks not.
:farmajoyaab: Well many people the world over have malocclusion. It varies from case-to-case. As people have different facial configurations at birth but it is most malleable in childhood. One also experiences facial changes into adulthood (not just from aging). And people obviously have different subconscious posture habits with their tongue and body posture which greatly impact their appearance.

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All of the creation of Allah is beautiful. To insult the creation is to insult its creator so let us all fear Allah in regards to this issue.
If you personally don't find an individual attractive I'd assume that's okay but to outright call a creation of Allah ugly....


That’s interesting. Two random Somalis could be me with ancestry in the Djibouti and SL area, and someone from near the border of Kenya. I can believe we’d be diverse. But Somalis live in villages by tribe and mostly interact within their tribal area, which is what I think is the problem, with the exception of city hubs.
dosent have to be diverse, for example a dhulo living in the ceerigabo might be part of the sample, and his second cousin in raskamboni near the Kenyan border might be the other sample, I don't think its as diverse as you think