Write something in Somali, I'll try my best to repeat what you wrote in english.

Nine brothers are (something)

Eight are the same (something)

The man is (something something)

Eight men SIRI (something)

The men (something something something)


Should we go somewhere?

Something about multiple brothers doing and going somewhere?
:obama: You did well

Lkn to be honest with you I don't even think I could translate it any better :mjhaps::stevej:


I have no proof, only whispers
Nin xasiid baa jecladaay, markaasto wuu igu qeyliya. Markaasto wuu igu xanaqa, waa inaa sasaabo!
I'm in love with a selfish man. He yelled at me. Then he got mad, I have to figure him out.
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Let me try this one. It’s a tough one, sounds like a gabay.

Sagaal nin oo walaalo ah sideennaas

Nine siblings like us.

Siddeed isku bah tahay sidiinnaas

Eight from the same mother/sub-clan like you.

Ninkuna bah gaar yahay sidaydaas

The other male is from another mother/sub-clan like me.

Siddeeduna ninkii siri sidiinnaas

The eight attempting to deceive the man like you.

Ninkuna sirtii garan sidaydaas

And the man understands the plot like me.

Haddaynu isa siri sideennaba

If we are going to cheat one another

Mayska kala tagnaa sideedaba.

Shouldn’t we call it quits?


@Degmada waaberi your turn to translate


"You are your best thing"

Am I crazy or did the call to pray come from Aden?
You got it:yousmart: or the other version is, am I crazy or are they singing from Aden. It’s lame once you translate it to English. It’s funny in Somali, especially considering how the saying came about