Would you marry a guy

The real question should be why would you hypothetically be 37 and single in the first place. Any Halimo over 25 Is damaged goods

I don’t make the rules :russsmug: :mjdontkno::ufdup:
Most likely at that age it’s re-marrying. You have to understand a lot of Somali marriages fail so people re marry a lot. A 37 yr old who’s never married before is rare in our community.
No such a thing as damaged goods. Waxas waa bs. Also It could be a second marriage
You’re clearly a western Halimo. In Somali culture if a Women is 37 she’s considered old. Not many man would take the chance on her but if she was 23 then it’s a completely different story :russsmug:


With A Brave Heart anything is possible
That's fine in Somali standards though.

@SOULSEARCHING I guess you're eager to move out of your parent's house, you've been talking about marriage lately.


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