Would you marry a guy


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id say 4-5 age difference is best than you will have more stuff in common

There was a 80 year old oday back home he married a lady in her 70s they made a news report and interviewed him "why didnt you marry a 18 or 20 year old"

He told the reporter what the hell do I have in common with a 20 year old we got nothing to talk about


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The selling point of younger men is they won't die as quickly. And might keep you young if they aren't *accerlating in age*. They are probably more eager to listen and learn. The downside is you think they will grow out of the age gap fetish. They are also often less finacially stable relative to their older counterparts.

The selling point of same age or a narrow age gap is they feel like an equal in that there is less of an age-related power struggle. You are bound to look younger than him (he'll age faster). And you are at a similar stage in life hence more relatable. Assumedly, greater levels of comfort and more of an effortless fit.

The selling point of older is you will always be the prize. He probably has not sought you out for your mind alone. There was a strong attraction to your youthful zeal. In the hopes it might rub off on him. Thus, sustaining his human experience on this earthly plain a little longer. The downside is he does not see you as his equal age wise. And for this reason he might try to parent you at times. You will likely live single in your golden years as he may or may not be around. Upside is he'll probably have enough lacaag to cushion his departure.