Would you cook for your husband


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Good luck getting divorced, Somali men don't work like that. Disobedient wives don't have a long lasting marriage.
@Awbarre has told me Somali house husbands exist. Are you telling me I was misinformed?

Thats how I lure her into marriage then once she pops out 3 kids and is out of shape she'll be cooking and cleaning :lolbron: :ahh:
You're already plotting a sister's downfall with sweet nothings. So you can fatten her indefinitely with child so she has less bargaining power.

I see you.


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I honestly don't mind simping and cooking for a fellow Puntite wife specially my current Sspot crush @Royalty of Bari whom I have been meaning to slide in her DMs but never had the courage or the balls.:kendrickcry::lawd:

Just like DJ Khaled always used to say, you are the best and deserve a reliefe cooking from me 3 times a day and 7 days a week and sunday breakfast is on me quruuxeey.:russsmug:
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When you start cooking, you’ll never go back and tell a woman to cook.

It’s so much satisfying and rewarding knowing that you did it yourself.

Not to mention, you will lose weight and stay in shape consistenly because you know what you put in.

Because women have the tendency to add unnecessary crap in the food and feed you large portions.


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Don’t let these men finesse you gabdho.

Get your money and education up. Glow up and be a bad bih.

They want you to work, pay half the bills, do most of the child rearing, cook, clean and get busy with them. War ya ilahey yaqaan!

Would you accept that type of business deal?

Treat marriage as a transaction and take your emotions out of it.
So many women today just accept this. Terrible deal but Is great for us. Don't got playing part time dad

The modern wife got more work to do and we get less

Life it easy
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Actually I enjoy cooking.. I don't see why everyone is much against cooking.
I mean even if you are single you still need to cook why should that change if you get married.
It changes because you got married nigga. 'I mean you live alone, why should that change if you get married?' You think I want some chubby qumayo re-arranging shit, fucking up shit, and being all up in my space until I get sick at the sound of her breathing and existing?


Nephew, I IMPLORE you to reach out to the inner madax adeeg and unreasonable geeljire inside you. Do not cook for yourself.

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With that mindset good luck in finding a husband
To tell another woman that she’ll have trouble finding a husband because she doesn’t want to cook is ridiculous. Sis, being a martyr isn’t going to get you anywhere. There is no need to front for these dusty SSPOT niggas. Caathi iska dhig abayo.