Would you cook for your husband

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Don’t let these men finesse you gabdho.

Get your money and education up. Glow up and be a bad bih.

They want you to work, pay half the bills, do most of the child rearing, cook, clean and get busy with them. War ya ilahey yaqaan!

Would you accept that type of business deal?

Treat marriage as a transaction and take your emotions out of it.
The benefits of being 6’6 is every girl I talk to knows I have a long line suitors and she herself find the pleasure in serving me without me asking
The prettiest and smartest girls who live with their mom, who I have no strings attached to cook me meals from their mothers house and drive it to my house on whim let alone marriage lol


No drama
Fantasy vs reality
Personally I wouldn’t

Cooking is a mans job not a women’s

I would be too busy getting my nails done and travelling the world

He can take care of his ‘’kid’’too
In reality, royalty of bari will get married, pop out 3-5 kids and cook and clean after 10 years her man will find her a sister wife not share the kitchen duties but to relief her off some of the tasks in the bed department

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Real men drink camel urine and let the wives clean and cook 24/7 they also lick the feet and sleep on the floor