Would you cook for your husband

Desert Flower

Staff Member
Men should cook, clean, work, satify the woman, earn more money do the clothing and the dish, and if possible, try to give birth and go above and beyond

Females should just sit there and wait. Or maybe make his pockets hurt. Men should also pay a surplus on the mehr and a pocket money too.
You get it! Bravo.:qri8gs7:

sspot men, learn from this guy!

Sheikh Kulkuli

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Personally I wouldn’t

Cooking is a mans job not a women’s

I would be too busy getting my nails done and travelling the world

He can take care of his ‘’kid’’too
Not only would you cook you will feed him with a spoon.
Women come with conditions when the sont love the guy they marry

But the moment they marry the guy they want they can even change their religion for the man.


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