Why do you stare at people so much?


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Yep this is me depending on the look in your eye. See when you scanned her up n down whilst she walking up basically letting her know the back is getting a long ass stare as well. It is what is :mjdontkno:
Well I’m sure your sister has experienced men doing the same to her as well :)
Somali boys have a horrible staring issue in the uk
Those piercings eyes are enough to convince yourself you may have stolen their hooyos hagbad lacaag in another universe
We live in a western world, we are a minority. When are surronded by cadaan all day and all of sudden see a good looking qalanjo, we cant help to stare modestly😅 we do it mostly in secret laakin. But i've noticed every Somalis stare no matter gender, older adeer are expecting the salaam from a fellow Somali, older eedos find it comforting to see a somali in the wave of cadaan people around them. Waa caadi no one trying to steal your sould😅
the man was daydreaming and you confused it for staring. do you sit next to a window? the windows the one that had his attention


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I was on my way to a meeting and I was walking up a stair well and I felt eyes burrowing into the back of my head. I looked back and its some Abdi. And he gave me a strange smirk and continued to stare as I hurried off. Happened in a different side of town. I won't incriminate the city or area.