Why did you leave Islam?

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I honestly wanna know why people leave Islam.
I don’t want discussions if it’s right or wrong to leave Islam, just the reasoning behind it.
Because it is a hard decision to make, it doesn’t just affect you but your family too and how they look at you.
I was born muslim and tbh I was always someone who questioned a lot so, when I grew up I choose to study my deen and my parents send me to Kairo where I learned a lot with teachers and just friends and I personally knew it was the right religion for me.

So I know @Steamdevolopment and @Western4Life are not muslim so please without judgment how and when did you decide to leave Islam and hows life now?
Numerous reasons




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Since you are not a muslim no more i have only one question to ask you which is do you wash your ass with water after you defecate the muslim way or do you only wipe it with tissue the gaal way?

If you wash it with water the muslim way then it means you are still practising the sunnah of islam so you still have a chance the bacteria still hasn't reached your brains.
Since you are not a muslim no more i have only one question to ask you which is do you wash your ass with water after you defecate the muslim way or do you only wipe it with tissue the gaal way?

If you wash it with water the muslim way then it means you are still practising the sunnah of islam so you still have a chance the bacteria still hasn't reached your brains.
Yes I do it’s a practice I still carry

I still say mashallah and wallahi and bimillah

You still carry habits
There are two types of Muslim apostates

Those who become anti Muslim

And those who don’t

I’m the second, I don’t care what people believe


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Whenever Steamdevelopment has her menstrual period, she gets moody and mad at ISLAM. Its a pattern of many years. Oh did I also mention, she uses other forum names to make anti Islam thread??
Problems that go to the truth value of the religion.

1: Failing to meet the extraordinary burden for the extraordinary,

The first test that Islam must be pass to recognized as the true religion is present extraordinary evidence for its extraordinary, the claim that the very eternal salvation of humanity lies in this religion.

Miracles are presented such as that of embryology and the Quran mentioning reflecting light, and what we see is that most of the information was known prior to the Quran's creation and in the latter case it is a creative reading of scriptures that earlier scholars missed and that coincides with sciences discovery of said concept.

Had this stage been of the examination been fulfilled Islam would have reached scientific consensus instead it fails to provide proof beyond any reasonable to its divinity.

2: External inconsistency,

Not only does the Quran and other religious scriptures fail to meet the extraordinary burden of proof, but they fail to even be consistent with known reality and the scientific theories that underpin them, at this point it becomes little more than an excise in blind faith.

3: Internal inconsistency, several times does the Quran give or hold contradictory informations

4: Plagiat from surrounding myths, there is several plagiat from surrounding of mythology such as from Zoroastrianism and other legends.

5: The convenient timing and self-gratifying nature verses bear the hall-mark of man-made religion.

6: The history of the Quran both past and current trough its textual variations, misssing verses, abrogated verses, even the current Qurans ( hafs and warash) commit the fallacy of self-contradiction when describing the same surah and ayat.

The list below are just a small portion of the moral problems, that though they didn't suffice me to leave did make me doubt.

Problems with a morality in no need for rational justification

1: Slavery,

The fact that the Quran and other islamic scriptures regulate and allow for slavery is unforgivable, there is no greater moral wrong, and a morality that seeks to lessen suffering can never accept such an evil institution ever being allowed.

The God for all of humanity were supposedly more concerned with making his message acceptable to 7th century arabs than creating a consistent and eternal morality.

2: Self-contradictory nature of Allah and hell

Allah calls himself the most merciful of those that show mercy, but there is no concept more evil than the eternal conscious torture, and this devoid any mercy of his.

This becomes even problematic with the fact that religious affiliation is largely due to accidents of birth and that Allah misguides and guides essential taking a person's free will.

Free will becomes even more suspect, as the Allah is also all-knowing and this creates the paradox of omniscience, which voids free-will.

3: Gender-based discrimination,

The islamic scriptures is dripping with gender-based discrimination, wether it the easier divorce for men, unequal inheritance, unequal testimony, polygamy only for men and without the wife's consent and allowing men to discipline their wife, institutional patriarchy as an eternal institution.

A God for humanity for all times would have known that these commands no longer have a rational justification and no self-respecting feminist can agree this unequal treatment.

4: Sexuality morality

The Quranic text allows for the ritualistic rape of women known as sex-slavery while criminalizing safe consensual relations and commending any sexual relationship that isn't based on heteronormative, showing an bottomless ignorance of the complexity of human sexuality.

This isn't a reasoned position but an example of hetronormative standards from the 7th century being conferred to modern society and with the same apparent lack of justification.

5: Killing of apostates

The killing and mistreatment of apostates is mandated in all major Fiqhs, and as such islam has managed to criminalize the very act of changing one's mind and speak to the reason for one leaving.

6: Muhammed's behavior

Muhammed like all people has redeemable qualities but those pale in comparison to the grave violations committed by him or on his behalf and accredited to him in islamic scriptures and historical accounts.

He's most certainly not a role model for the modern age, and I question if he even can be considered that for the 7th century.

7: Disproportionate punishments, the punishments for pre-marital and extra-marital are disproportionate to the "crime"

As is to be expected for a 7th century ideology there is no notions of proportionality and this leads to disproportionate punishments whereby the preventive purpose could be served trough lesser means, an integral principles in penal codes across the world in the modern era.

I left for several reasons, not just one, and it took a couple of years to finally admit to myself I didn't believe.

According to Islam this life is a test for the next life. The whole point of our existence is to test whether we would believe in something based on weak evidence. Those that believe enter heaven and those that are skeptical burn in hell for eternity. Does this sound plausible to you?

Why is a "sin" committed during a short life punished with eternity in hell? Allah is supposed to be the most merciful but any decent person would see how unfair this is. Does that make most people more merciful than Allah? Would you honestly throw the billions of non-Muslims in hell for not believing? Does that sound merciful to you?

It just sounds so unimpressive that the most powerful and wise being would create people just to worship him. Imagine a rich billionaire creating a bunch of robots just to worship him and their worship bringing him satisfaction. What would you think of them? Because to Allah we're basically robots, he wrote exactly what we're going to do. He knew when you would pray to him and it still brought him satisfaction.


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Because Arabs are subhumans, I refuse to believe that the creator of the universe would pick such a lowly nation to spread his message or declare their verbal diarrhea as holy.
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