1. Hanan.ilhan

    Why did you leave Islam?

    I honestly wanna know why people leave Islam. I don’t want discussions if it’s right or wrong to leave Islam, just the reasoning behind it. Because it is a hard decision to make, it doesn’t just affect you but your family too and how they look at you. I was born muslim and tbh I was always...
  2. Lugouy

    Mashallah brother stops music to follow the deen

    I came across this video and i found it very intriguing. This brother was an know rapper who was just about to blow, but decided to quit the music and get serious with his deen. I hope many youngsters will start realizing that the toxic lifestyle there living will only lead to either jail or...
  3. Hanan.ilhan

    I did it.

    I said yes to a guy that wanted to marry me . So guys I’m gonna be a married woman in a month or so.. we’ve been talking/ going on dates since November and now we are getting married. Ya rabi
  4. L

    Guy claims to be Allah, the Prophet (pbuh) and the Mahdi all at once

  5. Zach


    Did you parents put you in dance classes? So I did from 3 to 7 Ballet And from 7 to 15 Hip Hop But after I got 15 or mature it was haram? Like they put me there so I don’t get fat, they said but like, why? Du your parents do that? Like put you somewhere were you are not anymore because of...
  6. Zach

    I only have white friends!

    Salam, So I only have white friends who are mostly gaal. Subhanallah! I feel like I am an average muslim, meaning I pray five times a day, read Quran at least once a week, do my fasting and I go to Friday prayer alxamdulillah! So but I go to parties with my friends, not like to club but a house...
  7. Zach

    Too all Muslim-Somalis

    Why Friday is the Blessed Day of the Week? It is being said by our Our Prophet Muhammad SAW, The best day the sun rises over is Friday; on it Allah created Adam. On it, he was made to enter paradise, on it he was expelled from it, and the Last Hour will take place on no other day than Friday”...
  8. A

    Why should Somalis follow Islam?

    It is a foreign arab imperialism that controls even the tiniest details of your life. Why should I walk in the bathroom with my left foot, what difference does it make? Are the jinns gonna eat me in there regardless of what foot I walk in? I am gonna burn in hell for eternity for not kissing the...
  9. Madara x

    Short-term Marriage in Somalia: Ethical question about marriage, sex, zina, and savagery

    I have a friend who is going to Somalia.:dabcasar: He knows that when he goes back, girls will throw themselves at him because he has a British passport and hes financially good. And his family is telling him to settle down in Somalia. He told me that if he finds a hot girl, he will marry her...