Why are somali guys so underrated?


They got the most *****s and ciyaal fuckers
Sahib it seems even the Somali girls in the UK don’t have dhiig :bell: the ones here literally Jump girls lol over there they get dissed by Pakistanis :gucciwhat: that wouldn’t fly over here the Halimos would beat the breaks off them
This is one verse a jareer


She ain’t lying ppl did used to hate on Somalis in UK before now they dickriding but we still got haters and uk is cursed I need to find my next English speaking country that’s got excellent economy education and healthcare even though I’m used to the British lifestyle. Everything’s within reach leave that captain saving Somalia headache to the x-roadmen


"Show respect to all people, but grovel to none"
Where do you guys live lol, you guys are sad diss kulaha
So whenever large visible minority emigrate en mass, they attract both positive and negative attention. In the case of America that comes from their surroundings, I.e. the inner city people who view the new comers as competitors of resources.

I had lived in middle class area where there was no visible somali population but then one of the many lil Mogadishu enclaves;Practically lots of skirmishes but I've never heard of Somali being looked down.

Ya I heard people refer us rude or inconsiderate due to not accepting others basically calaacal.

Most of the self haters fall in to one of these categories.

> low self esteem
> dysfunctional family
>bullied beyond repair.

What u see in social media is the product of those three on a megaphone. Unfortunately there are lots of others who become succeptable or misled by their verbal diarrhea.

I also must've lived under a rock my entire life.

P.S. failed thots gaslight most of impressionable youth cus misery luves company.

Wabillahi tawfiq. God bless Murica.


Who the fuck am I? ギくェズー
As for what Somali women think of Somali men, I don't really care. I like good looking women, and don't discriminate. 7 billion people, so there's 3.5 billion women. I ain't stressin.