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Why are somali guys beyond thirsty for ajanabi females?


somaliland independence movement, SL hanoolaato
The answer only takes 5 seconds to come up with:

Somali Diaspora Females wish for an Abu Tyron and Criticise Somali Diaspora Males for no reason.

Therefore, it’s within the nature of the so-called ‘Faarax’ to flee from the incompatible contentions uttered by the so-called ‘Xaliimos’ to a friendlier and more welcoming Female of another Race.

Thus, answering @sigmund ’s Question.

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@sigmund there you go, my bro right here answered your question, case closed
I must have scrolled through my twitter feed and saw a cute iraqi girl who got thousands of retweet on her picture and guess who majority follow her? all somali guys yet she doesnt follow a single one back. I even seen some of them sub tweet her pictures with corny lines yet still didnt follow him. Since when did somali guys turn this desperate towards dhegcas of all people???? this is just tragic please stop
Saxiib im not one for the generals section i try to just lurk in peace but you made a thread very similiar to this last year at the same time...

Valentines day really got you peeping other girls followers and there ethnicity...


ah yes the somali football twitter movement, white women 2020. Also the iraqi thot flails ass and tits in lingerine and wears hijab in the next photo thats why she has clout. :mjlol:
In our Somali culture women don't have qabil (ethnicity in the macro sense). My children will all be Somali whether their mother is White, Hispanic mestizo, Siberian, Australian aboriginal, etc.

I dated 5 ajanabi girls in the last 2 years (1 West African, 1 Ethiopian, 1 West Asian, 1 South Asian and 1 East Asian). 3 of them came onto me - brief flings, I knew another girl for a few years then we had a fairly long relationship and the last one I pursued half a year ago I'm still with her.