1. Bossanova

    Things That Invalidate A Man: (Users List)

    I’ll go first. A man who can’t drive is fucking useless. :sass2:
  2. NotAjnabi

    Who are the most racist members?

    I'd say @Factz @Jennifer @The Cushitic One @Reiko @Biggie These people have a strong hate against Madows, madhiban or beckys from my experiences. Some might even hate all of them. Weird. Who do you think is the most racist?
  3. Q

    My favorite posters of November!

    I loved, laughed at, liked, poked, and co-signed with them through out the whole month of November. @Duchess @miski @menace @Sultana @Ruqiya @AbdiJohnson @Forfon @Solid @sophisticate @SuldaanMethylamine @Atiya @Abdalla @Air Jalam @Tokio @Samawada @Antisocial @TheXamarCadcadGuy...