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Who are the ancestors of the Bantus

What I'm more interested in is the displacement of the Nilosaharans and South Cushites that predominately occupied S.E Africa before the slash-and-burn Bantus flocked in.

:farmajoyaab: I am not being politically correct but they came from the West and displaced various foraging peoples in part from crop cultivation and by being well-armed.

Never would they have been successful in the Horn. They already had weapons and were more advanced.
mostly their movement was a natural evolution,steady movement thru millenia,ofc there could be skirmishes here and there but in that lush environment i doubt anyone cared who was nxt door ,it was enough to feed all. and the surrounding communities were very much identical in terms of looks.
they couldnt cross the desert barrier in the horn,it was alien to thm,kind from riches to rags.


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Why can't I be interested with Bantus why are you so racist and arrogant. Yet when I am interested in Turks, Arabs, or whatever other group it is normal. Are they Bantus not human too acudibillah. naheedhee shaydaanka iska naar blz. Islam is most important for me I am Binu Adam
No one said they weren't, human. Just rather different and it seems unusual that you were investing an inordinate amount of time on them. Especially as they are the most stigmatized group in Somalia. It's almost counter intuitive.

Then again, you can like what you like.


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It's so common that I have not seen a half true Semite Yemeni + half Somali on there. Only have seen half Afro-Arab + Somali.

People think original Yemenis are mixed with Horners, but non-outlier Yemeni (true Yemenis) cluster with Saudi Bedouins and are very different from Horners:

For these Yemeni-Somalis, how much is their SSA admixture (Non-Horner) from their Afro-Arab side?