1. AarHawd_7

    Madow sending shots at Malis while bloody Madow vs Somali war continues in the streets of London

    “Countless Malis sitting there grieving, Lz on C wing creasing” There on to us even the ones in jail, :francis: I would advise every Somali from London to be safe wallaahi this summer. As these baaboons while stab you for just being Somali. This is going to be a very bloody summer. I just want...
  2. CaliTedesse

    Who are the ancestors of the Bantus

    Where do Bantus originate from. I heard they were product of Eurasian and Pygmy mixing. I would like to know more about Bantus and why they look that way.
  3. warculus

    History of Sheikh Xasan Barsame. Resistance of the South

    Sheekh Xasan Barsane “ ( 1853 – 1927 )Sheekh Xasn Sheekh Nuur Sheekh Axmed oo lo yiqiin Sheekh Xasan Barsane wuxuu dhashay sanadka markuu ahaa 1853, wuxuuna ku dhashay tuulada loo yaqaan Ubaadi oo u jirta qiyaas ilaa 68Km magaalada Jowhar, Gobolka Shabeelaha Dhexe, Soomaaliya. Hooyadiis...
  4. Waxwaalan

    The limit of siblinghood..! Is dhiig really thicker than biyo?

    To keep long azz story long: One sibling (who we will call A) is praised as talented with a very promising future, whilst the other one (miss B) no one really believes in. As a result of suffering abuse as a child, B is very difficult to deal with, but A has always been there for B. One day...