Which sspot members would you like to see fight in a boxing match?


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@Yukon_Niner what about my dainty voice and what i'm typing isn't making sense to you?

Lmao write me a 3 paragraph dissertation on my account on let's see what confusing you kkkk
Your username is General Assad, that straight up made every person here think you're some weird qabilist fanboy. Not only is FKD a stupid activity loved by the likes of @Yonis the only other female competitors are a propaganda piece and overly masculine woman who compensates this by acting overly feminine. I'd rather not name her.

Secondly the manner of your writing is genuinely amusing but rather brash. You'll find this sort of style among the male members here although you'd have to start talking about women in vulgar ways for it to be complete. You'll never really see this among users like @HalimaJ or even the likes of @Knowles .

Lastly that profile picture which really and truly cemented everyone's belief your a guy. E.g. @Abdalla @Yonis and other shaqo la'aan digital qabil warriors love to put their favourite leader as their pfp. Pretty weird if you ask me. They idolise, fetishize and brag about how great and less of a sell out (yeah I know pretty low standards) they are.

All in all that's all.

he is a a duli beneath me, i told him invite me to your podcast so we can discus economics and how to fix somali, he backed out, he said you are more handsome then me and smarter, he said i have 1 degree, you have 3

i have actually never had a fight since i was like 9 years of age, the last dude i fought pulled my little sister's scarf, i was in a private primary school, i beat him so badly his fang came out, cabdi,

the next day when the school complained, mum signed a form giving them permission to beat me black and blue

then when i came home she said well done for defending your sister, i expect that, but you should not have smashed his fang out, and dad whipped me with a belt for beating the kid, agah. :gucciwhat::mjlol::mjcry::kendrickcry:

they were private Turkish run school in denmark before we moved to england, the teachers were massive big dudes former fighters who fought in Bosnia and Chechnya in the early 90s,

because it was private school, i could be whipped, when i came to UK, i protected kids in my year, i would tell the black kids dont bully so and so, in front of the entire canteen i would say Ravinder or amir from today on is under my protection, dont touch him,

they whipped me with belts and actually bunched me a few times and mum paid for the privilege since it was private, despite defending my sister, but it never did me any harm, :win:

since 9 i never touched anyone, fought anyone, out of 200 students, i must have looked after like 40 kids under my protection, i was ready to fight, i looked after the geeks that were despised, i felt sorry for them so i looked after them from black and white kids

i am tall, handsome, the girls loved me, rude, cocky funny and people said i walked like a future president, so i had that face that commanded or demanded respect, cool clam manners, chilled, confident, i got this from being told by fmaily i am royalty

both mum and dad are extremly good looking and grand parents, my mother looks like a somali princess diana, so light skin, tall, masha Allah, asli OG blood, my ayeeyo good blood genes,

i even won the most handsome somali and African award at 16 just before graduation, i did not bother to turn up, the girls would go goo gaa for me, i was working in the family owned business form 14 :mjswag:

i promise you i am 7 times better looking, taller, stronger, and smarter than Dr Osman, i can beat him any day and i dont create podcasts insulting fellow somali clans,

this is my half cut head,

I look like a Greek Statue dipped in honey dew, i walk like i am the most handsome dude in the world, Friends would say to me please Mr T, please dont look at my girl, she made fall for you,

wallahi i would not lie, I would turn up in a train station and the random chicks wold smile and say hey can i take a picture, or the school girls would wolf whistle,

i am the somali version of this guy in terms of my cheek bones, my dad and awow are spitting images of me in terms of hair, face, cheek bones so strong i can break a bra from 2 miles away agahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

ninyahow i made girls bashaqqqq just by looking and smiling, i will not lie alxamdulilah Allah has been kind to me,

Thank you Allah Lord of the words for my handsome OG genes, I heard centuries ago somali females would head to DDS to find an OG husband to make sure she has gorgeous kids,

please say masha Allah, no evil eye chaps, please. thanks.

i am not confident enough to show my whole face, if i did @General Asad would go crazy (horta she is a female right?)

i look like him,

the nose, so slender, long but straight, lips so kissable, hair, cheekbones,

and i dress to impress, in my single days i would go to a restaurant and pick up a number from the waiter, she would offer it, and all i did was smile and look into her eyes,

i have dated at least 250 girls and 80% of them have approached me or their sister, cousin friend , oh the number of times waiter chicks would offer me free food, i never chased them, they came to me usually. :mjdontkno:

if i married @PuntiteQueen wallahi i would have created handsome kids with her, she is a tall beauty i hear

before we left home, mum would tell me and my brothers and sisters to say dua to avoid evil eye or sixir, i even once had some random Chinese couple from Hong kong stopped me and said hey can we take a picture for our daughter back home, you look like a super model, my aunt said sorry get lost,

wallahi girls would drive their cars next to me and open the window and say hi i saw there, can we meet? my hazel eyes helped, i would make my hand washed through my hair whilst the light is red, and smile and drive on as i got used to playing hard to get, i got so used to the attention i got i would get tired of what the average duded wished to have, i was bored, i knew i am more than just a handsome pretty face,

Spanish, Italian, french, German girls at uni would say hey Teeri come to my house i want to make you a meal, i knew what they wanted and did not like zina so i would say no thank you girls, some thought i was gay as i kept rejected free malab on a plate on a weekly basis, alas they did not know i wanted halal malab only, uff, foreign xaraam malab , i looked down on them for being so easy, they were so blunt, they would call me at 2 am as we exchanged numbers for assignments and beg for my caghdeer pipe, i will not lie, the number of times i said no, my friends thought i was mad and manhoodless, little did they know for me only the halal thing mattered, how can i also pollute my fine OG genes for a quick pump? what if a garac kid comes out with my OG DNA? shame on my family and people. these genes are a gift, they cannot be polluted

:mjswag::ohreally::russsmug::stevej: next time i visit my mate in down under i dont mind seeing the Dr and go for a few rounds in the ring, i want to break his mouth and legs dulika :trumpsmirk:
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