Which sspot members would you like to see fight in a boxing match?

land owner

Welcome to the yaab zone
*15 but when interrogated i add a year*

Warya, tighten up that macawiis, expand your somali beyond 'hooyo matalo' and get in the ring.

Don't disappoint me my sun burnt 'we wuz kangz' son :gucciwhat:
Lmao I just turned 16 at the end of November no joke :mjlol: #IWuz15NShiet

General Asad

And What Is Not There Is Always More Than There.
@Yukon_Niner what about my dainty voice and what i'm typing isn't making sense to you?

Lmao write me a 3 paragraph dissertation on my account on let's see what confusing you kkkk

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