What's your IQ?

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68 means u can barely dress yourself, u wouldn't know when to cross the road, it pretty much means ur xoolo.

like this kangaroo
Rageh Omar did a documentary about race and IQ.

Here's what I don't get though. Is IQ really a measure of intelligence? I don't mean that in the SJW sense of denying scientific data that contradicts my politics. I mean obviously IQs measure something about ourselves but think about it for a moment. East Asians have a higher average IQ than whites, but till Japan's encounter with Europe, it was a third world society. Ditto China and Korea. Only when they adopted European institutions - democracy, trial by jury, private property rights, free press, gender equality, etc did they flourish.

I won't reveal my IQ score:browtf:


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That would be @sophisticate sxb.

You're much too kind. I have never been formally tested for IQ. I don't care for it. It resigns people to do nothing. When everyone is capable of adding to and improving their skills and ability to focus. Another problem is people hang around similar others, that probably don't challenge them or push them to expand their intellectual horizons. In fact, some people discourage it. People might also let past (negative) experiences with learning act as a cap to their progress. Moreover, when people adequately learn something they tend to flatline and stop themselves from mastering a skill i.e - verbal fluency. Once you've learned enough to get by (depending on your level of motivation) you might just become complacent and say to hell with it. I should also add that success is more determined by grit aka perservence + passion than intelligence alone.
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