What's your IQ?

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IQ tests are ethnocentric. The reason we find it easy is because we are from the west. An African or an Asian will do worse than someone from the west. That's the reason why IQ tests aren't an unbiased and thus have no relevancy imo.
Did you actually pay money to get tested? :mjlol:
to be fair, those mofos advertised a """"free"""" test. :ivers: The test was indeed "free", but the results weren't

I wasn't gonna let 20 mins of my life go to waste, it wasn't expensive and my account wasn't sakraad at the time :manny:


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So many somalis scoring way over 100 in this thread really makes me wonder how on earth the average iq in somalia is estimated at 68 :farmajoyaab:

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are you 10? lol it only decreased with age
Walaahi ngl. trust me sxb. im 24 now, a year ago it took me 30 sex max to figure out some logic patterns and math. now its a breeze. sure there some difficulty with time tests.

still impressive. prolly due to the nootrpoics i take


There is a difference between IQ and Creativity. IQ is just spotting different shapes, adding things back together that are missing, spotting patterns. Give them a real world problem and real world solution, you will find 99% of people struggling. That's why CEO-Presidents-Military Leaders-ETC are probably not 'high iq' but 'creative' they can turn a real life problem and convert it to a real life solution!!! you simply can't do that through putting shapes and figures together in IQ tests. That's why you see 99% of the people that come out of universities, not a single one actually 'invents' anything!!!
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