What's the most racist thing that happened to you?

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Call me ayeeyo
When I was 9 one of My cadaan friends invited me to her house to play, when I got to the house her father screamed "you cant be friends with that f*cking muslim n*gger"
:friendhug: Sorry abaayo, he's a trash man and it sucks but at least he uncovered his trash ass right away instead of poisoning you over time
Some xoolo bus driver scrutinized my pass even though he didn't do the same for the cadaan girl ahead of me or the guy behind. It could be a reach but that was bs for singling me out.
i was walking to the library and some dude started screaming from his window calling me a ****** and among other things.
the next day my bro and i egged his house:westbrookswag:
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