What's the most racist thing that happened to you?

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Older white habar was quivering in the bus and maintaining direct eye contact. The lady held her bag so tightly as if it contained the most valuable mineral in the world. I discovered that day that white women fear anyone that is not white.
A fellow BLACK man basically told me at age 15 I couldn't work at McD's cause I wouldn't take off my hijab.

I still wish I knew how to handle that situation with a complete understanding of it.


Back when I just finished high school a Somali manager at a security company didn't wanna hire me because I was Somali. He said Somalis are lazy and ungrateful but really I think he wanted to be the only Somali working there. The coon was strong in that oday. :mjlol:
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When I was 9 one of My cadaan friends invited me to her house to play, when I got to the house her father screamed "you cant be friends with that f*cking muslim n*gger"
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