What would you do if your child came out as gay


Cirka Gacan Saarte 💪🏾🇸🇴
We can all answer this question but we'll never know the exact outcome up until this actually happens. Personally, I would take him back to Somalia, where I will teach him about his religion and our cultural traditions.

I'm a Somali, therefore as member of the new generation I will have to apply those same tactics that we've learned from our parents. Quraan saar is a must. I believe in the word of Allah, which means he makes no mistakes. You weren't born in the wrong body hommie, you're only being tamed by the sheydhaan. We wont give up on our children like the whites do and we certainly wont accept assimilating forbidden practices within our lifestyle. It will only destroy everything our forefathers died for.


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Eel eh?
I’m assuming I would be a bit emotional and start crying and so would they to be honest and I know and I can understand their pain as well society makes it very hard and it’s sad every day knowing that what you are is disgusting but you don’t really have a choice when society shoves it into your face since environment matters a lot especially to children

I would probably give them some time and go to my room and cry I would be a bit disappointed but not mad I would still treat them like my child as well they are my blood as well

I know if I shove them away and beat them (god forbid) it will only make them depressed and suicidal I think a lot of us can relate
Go the traditional somali man route "cunugaagi iga celi naaya" and leave.