What was your parents first reaction when you told them you were getting married?


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I can't tell if you faraxs are mentally disabled or trolling. In my experience the reason why I'm not married is because I haven't met the right man.

Thats all!

Its not because I choose education over marriage because had I met the right guy I would have found a way to juggle both and start a family after graduating.

I don't understand why that is so hard to understand. I can't wake up tomorrow and say "I want to get married" and then Mr Right will appear out of thin air.

I can't choose when I will meet the right man. But I can choose to focus on my personal development. I can ensure that if I get married one day I will have the right mindset and emotional maturity to deal with the ups and downs that come with being married.

Being single is a circumstance not a choice.
Some people are off the belief that there must be something wrong if a girl isn't married but they forget that its fate that decides who and when you gonna get married its in the hands of Allah