1. alien

    Salafis and Wahabbis

    I know nothing about "salafi Islam" and can someone break it down for me. And what is Wahabbi. I've been hearing people say that Saudi Arabia is Wahabbi.
  2. AIOPZ

    What Kind of Muslim Are You? (no apostates please)

    I'm curious on what certain branch of Islam you guys adhere to. I personally am not entirely sure on where I fall on the spectrum as my family is full of Sufis but I don't really agree with much of their mystical elements but I'm also not entirely sure as to whether or not I fully believe in...
  3. 5

    Iran and Saudi diplomatic dispute expands to the Horn of Africa ... ... ... "The ill-advised decisions of the governments in the region are partly caused by Salafi/Wahabi influence. The alliance between the Saudi royal family and the Salafists who are nowadays strong religious authority in Somalia and Somaliland are turning...