1. Timo Jareer and proud

    Iraqi Shia's Convert to Sufi Islam.

  2. AIOPZ

    What Kind of Muslim Are You? (no apostates please)

    I'm curious on what certain branch of Islam you guys adhere to. I personally am not entirely sure on where I fall on the spectrum as my family is full of Sufis but I don't really agree with much of their mystical elements but I'm also not entirely sure as to whether or not I fully believe in...
  3. SultanuuFicaan

    Baardheere Jihad (1830's/1840's) and the subsequent Geledi wars of expansion (1846 - 1878)

    "Not all believers in Somalia subscribed to the interpretation of Islam propagated by the saints and adopted by such prominent leaders as the shaykh of Mereerey and the sultan of Geledi. The accommodation of Sufi Islam within the existing framework of Somali society produced for some Muslim...
  4. SultanuuFicaan

    "S. Al Qutbi & the pious believer's dilemma:local moral guidance in an age of global Islamic reform" - theologian, polemicist and philosopher. "Sheikh Al-Qutbi is best known for his Al-Majmu'at al-mubaraka ("The Blessed Collection"), a five-part compilation of polemics that was published in Cairo ca. 1919-1920 (1338). In this work, he launches a...
  5. SultanuuFicaan

    Shaykh Abd Al-Rahman bin Ahmad al-Zayla'i ( early 19th century - 1882)

    " Al-Zayla'i was born in the rural village of Kedilai northwest of Mogadishu. Under the supervision of the local Ulema, he studied elementary ilm until he absorbed all they could teach him. Eventually surpassing his teachers, he decided to move to Mogadishu, where he obtained knowledge from the...
  6. SultanuuFicaan

    Shaykh Uways bin Muhammad al-Baraawe who revived Islam in Africa (AUN)

    Leader of the QADRIYAA SECT in East Africa. Introduction East African Islamic revival owes much debt to the struggles of the Qadiri leader Shaykh Uways bin Muhammad al-Baraawi. From humble origins and modest upbringing, Shaykh Uways emerged as the most eminent hero of traditional Sufi Islam...