What is the obession for Halimos to make YouTube videos?

Lmao how did you find this with its so little views? These girls get clout by being controversial so no need to give them the attention they so desperately want
I read the titles LMAO. I cba to watch 3-4 videos.
• “Toxic Family” video
• “Sex series” video
• “Anti-Blackness”. Video

You don’t need to watch to know what each video topic is about. But then again I wouldn’t expect you to comprehend that as you’re defending the indefensible :ufdup: :nahgirl: :mjlol:
Thank you for introducing her on here, sspot, I'm her latest subscriber. You made the best decision to post her videos here, she's getting the views. Wonderful!


Stroking my Australinimo
Imagine her parents, siblings and the rest of the family members watching that.

How women have so much confidence to do all that crap in public. :susp:


Getting draids inshallah
Is it just me or is she not saying anything? I see her lips moving and sound coming out but all I hear is gibberish.