western culture

  1. GemState

    Are Western Somalis a lost cause?

    Is it just me, or is behaviour such as open atheism, homosexuality, transgenderism in Somalis starting to be more normalized? I spoke to a Sheikh in my mosque who told me that told me that a lot of Somali Parents don't even make a fuss anymore that their sons and daughters marry gaals nowadays...
  2. The Somali Caesar

    What is the obession for Halimos to make YouTube videos?

    You know when Arab pagans used to bury their daughters alive out of pride. I now fully understand their point. I’m not saying we should do the same but I’m just putting that out there :mjdontkno: :sass1:
  3. Calaf

    Post your voice thread "Af Somali only"

    Let hear your accents, your voice in Somali Which Accent do you have, Westernized or Normal. Are you #TeamFishandChips or #TeamFOB Or are you smarty pantisy and just speak general Somali. #TeamHoyoMaTallo are more then welcome here. The person with the best Somali is able to declare himself...
  4. Edo Nene

    Model Legend Iman and David Bowie's Daughter....

    Looks like an arab and Spanish mixture to me. What yall think?