What is on your mind right now?

Look I'm a Joker, you know I don't care! Whoever sent Moi this channel you're going to Heaven, I haven't laughed so much in all my Life. God bless you!!!
My Nigerian Sister just tried to check me while she is in the Hairdressers, so I sent her this! Her ear nearly burnt off, because she was laughing.
It's my Time to shine, my Mother nearly went to the Mental Hospital last night. I am the strongest Woman on Road, street slang.

All Somali Men wherever you are!

Sell your work but make sure you put it back into the community.

Male or Female slags, use comdons dulux! No babies luvs.

To the one's on their deen, pray for the rest of us!!!


I have an IQ of 300
What if CD's were square?
Like honestly what if they were square, could we fit more memory onto them :hmm:
Or we could make them spherical so you'd have more graphics on it :dwill:
Am I retarded or is this a thought no-one else has had :kanyehmm:
I'm gonna stop shopping at my corner shop, the hairy Arabs are pervs there. Do us a favour mate and stop flirting with me, stick to your Arab wife.
I feel sorry for my kids they will grow up without a mother

I was thinking of buying one of these

You know to make it more realistic for them.

But I'm gonna have to travel all the way to Nigeria for one of these

Will do anything for my children won't runaway like their mother and readl father
I can't do this 40+ hour work weeks of the corporate world for the rest of my life.

I need to develop a business where I can escape and own my time
You'll have to work 100+ plus hours. It's not easy running a business. The beginning is the hardest