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Time really does go fast.

In other news, why do some women always forget the 500 good things you do for them when you piss them off just once and they're happy to break everything off just because you aired their messages for a day?

Yup! 57 days and counting.

As for your other news, I think you're dealing with girls not women :icon mrgreen:

Vito Rizutto

Afhayeenka SL
Nah only heard about this account about a week ago (no pun intended) it's still uncharted to me.
My shower thought -> I think it would be so cool if humans had tail. Imagine holding our magazine with two hands and comfortably shuffling between pages while our tail allows us to take a sip from our mug of tea. Just like hats gloves socks, we could have some tail accessories. We can even pierce our tail. Maybe it would have 6th sense too. Ah the tales our tail would tell then :cosbyhmm:


Engineer of Qandala
I can't do this 40+ hour work weeks of the corporate world for the rest of my life.

I need to develop a business where I can escape and own my time